Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lemon Juice Tip

Just a quick tip today about an easier way to drink more lemon juice. I have seen so much encouraging information about the benefits of lemons for overall health, but hadn't incorporated it into my daily routine because of time constraints. It's not like squeezing out lemon juice into a glass each morning is a big deal, but it was one more thing to do & just kept falling off the radar. What I've found works really well is to spend a couple of minutes each week juicing a bag of lemons into a small jar & then storing it in the fridge. (I can usually find a bag of organic lemons for a couple $ at the Trader Joe's stores.) Each morning, I drink what probably amounts to the juice from one lemon and put the jar back in the fridge. The juice still seems perfectly fine by the end of the week, and it's so much easier to use. (The lemon zest could be lovely for use in your other cooking, so you could zest the lemons before juicing them and store it in the fridge as well.)

One Caveat: Even though a metabolized lemons have a net alkaline load on your system, the raw lemon juice itself is very acidic. Since part my Dental Strategy involves maintaining an alkaline pH of my saliva (for testing dental remineralization), after I drink the lemon juice (and even after drinking some warm water afterwards), I swish a mixture of baking soda in water around my mouth to neutralize the acids from the lemon juice & then spit it out. BTW: I think it would be a bad idea to swallow baking soda right after drinking lemon juice. (I'm just trying to neutralize the acid in my saliva; I don't want an acid/base reaction in my stomach.)

The main reason I've been trying to eat more lemons is that drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach in the morning apparently helps support your liver, and once lemon juice is metabolized, it provides one of the higher alkalizing factors for your body relative to other foods. The thought here is that many of the foods we eat (especially proteins, any dairy, and in most standard modern diets especially sugar and grains) are very acidic. Since our bodies essentially need to stay at a balanced pH, we are probably expending energy maintaining a neutral pH in the presence of acidic food. Eating more alkaline foods (highest in greens and vegetables) would take a load off of your system so you have more energy for other things (maybe even repairing and rebuilding). The benefits look compelling to me, so I've been making an effort to drink a lemon a day. My taste buds have changed so much this past year, I actually think straight lemon juice tastes sweet now. ;p

Hope this tip helps!

by Laura A Knauth

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