Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Photo: Waterfall Flowers

Waterfall Flowers
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Proxy Falls is a huge waterfall with a thundering roar, but some of the cascades separate from the main deluge to create the opportunity for a more intimate scene. Fortunately on cloudy days or for waterfalls in the shade, there is time enough to spend hours trying different perspectives using various lenses (compared to the rush to catch what optimal compositions may reveal themselves at the quickly changing light of sunrise and sunset).
For this shot, I tried a close-up down near the mossy rocks at the base of one of the quieter cascades to capture some foreground detail that might otherwise be overlooked viewing the spectacular waterfall at a distance. Here are some sweet flowers popping up over the bank.
Proxy Falls (near Sisters, Oregon)
Technical Info
Canon 50d
18-200mm Lens, 35mm
f/29, 3.2s, ISO 100, EB +1.7

Filter:  Circular Polarizer
 -by Laura A Knauth

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