Monday, April 1, 2013

Featuring: Jerry Uelsmann

I've been intrigued by Jerrry Uelsmann's work for quite some time. He seamlessly blends composite images in the surrealistic style that reminds me of Escher or Magritte, but it was all done in the darkroom using burning and dodging and who knows what else, before it was possible to digitally combine images in Photoshop. Here's a snapshot of the cover of one of his calendars I bought way back in 2000. (He also has a book: Photo Synthesis)

Photo Synthesis Calendar by Jerry Uelsmann

This image is one of my favorites; I always displayed it outside my cubicle at work and it never ceased to provoke interesting discussions!

So far with my own photography, I haven't delved into digital composites yet, although I will probably end up there one of these days. I'm still focused on trying to take one good picture at a time for now. ;p 

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