Thursday, April 11, 2013

Photo: Nostalgia

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Remembering the past at the Cedar Creek Grist Mill in Washington.

Technical Details
Canon 50d
Tokina 11-16mm Lens, 11mm
f/11, 25s, ISO 100
6 stop ND filter

The Cedar Creek Grist Mill is such a charming location, but as with many iconic sites that attract photographers from far and wide, it's a place you might actually pass by unless you knew to pause for a moment and really absorb the location. It's actually inspiring for me to realize there are little gems all around; just changing your angle might reveal an amazing new iconic location.

For this image, it was so nice to find a beautiful foreground not only as a frame and help show a sense of depth, but also to show a close up detail of elements that are echoed further back in the landscape. Those big beautiful leaves added not only a rich color, but are a quintessential icon of Fall and the mood that season evokes.

Technical note: A few of those vines were glowing way to brightly and almost distracted me enough to overlook this composition. But all I needed to do was darken them enough in post-processing so they didn't visually impair the view up the river into the rest of the scene. It's the kind of effect your eyes don't see while you are setting up your composition, but is an artifact of how the light is recorded in the camera. Sometimes I look at my compositions when I get home and wonder what I was thinking, and then realize the camera captured the scene differently than my actual experience. That's where learning about various digital darkroom techniques can help reclaim your intention.

Cloudy days are a wonderful time to photograph the forest, and the fog this morning was sublime. Nothing like fog to create depth and atmosphere. It was already dissipating quite a bit by the time our group arrived, but I'm so glad it held on long enough to illuminate the top part of the frame in this photo. My favorite 6 stop ND filter smoothed out the waterfall, the little cascades, and created streaks across the water which rounded out my dreamy, nostalgic intention for this photo.

Hope these tips help!

by Laura A Knauth

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